ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB) — Governor Kathy Hochul signed the Congressional and New York State Legislature redistricting bills into law Thursday.

Every 10 years, federal and state district lines for elections are redrawn based on new census data.

The State Senate and Assembly passed the redistricting maps Wednesday after the Independent Redistricting Commission failed to present one single set of maps to state lawmakers. The commission is made up of five Democrats and five Republicans.

The failure of the commission to present one single set of maps to state lawmakers pushed the Assembly and Senate to come up with their own maps to go up for a vote.

Governor Kathy Hochul said passing these new maps needed to get done quickly.

“The candidates also need to know certainly as soon as possible,” stated Hochul. “They need to know the lines, so they can make a decision. Do they run; do they not run. What is involved in there because the elections are literally just a few months away.”

New York State Republicans disapprove of the maps as it could mean losing seats in Congress.

“We’re supposed to do it pursuant to the laws in our constitution, and clearly, I think with these congressional lines, I think there is a case for a lawsuit. Ultimately, I think there will be a court that will end up drawing these lines,” said Will Barclay, Assembly Republican Leader.

Republicans have promised to fight these new maps in court.

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