ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Governor Cuomo was in Brooklyn today to discuss the issue of gun violence. He collaborated with Democrat candidate for New York City Mayor Eric Adams, lawmakers, and advocates to address the uptick. 

“As goes New York City goes New York State. It is an interwoven destiny,” the Governor said. “I agree with you. The way goes New York City goes New York State and in fact goes America,” Adams said. 

To combat the issue, the Governor announced a statewide gun violence disaster emergency about a week ago. “This is an epidemic like COVID. This does require a concerted and direct effort like COVID,” the Governor said. He’s faced criticism from Republicans who say the problem stems from the state’s criminal justice reforms.

The Governor says getting young people jobs is critical to stopping the violence and that 4,000 positions will be made available in New York City to start off.  “Number one is employment opportunities. We have summer youth jobs for 15-24, which are people who are in school, but need a summer job. We then have permanent jobs that are trained jobs to real careers,” he said.

He also says there is opportunity in increasing community-based services and anti-violence outreach.