ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Right now, there are 700,000 gallons of New York State Clean sanitizer being stored at the states Preparedness Training Center in Oriskany. The governor plans to dispose of it soon, but Senator Joe Griffo doesn’t agree with her method.

When the pandemic hit, Americans rushed to stock up on disinfectants, toiletries and hand sanitizer, but the store shelves were quickly left bare. That’s when Former Governor Andrew Cuomo created New York’s very own state sanitizer- 11 million gallons to be exact.

Now, Governor Hochul may ship what’s left of that sanitizer out of state to be disposed, but Senator Joe Griffo says this is costly for New Yorkers and there are better ways to go about it. 

The sanitizer is being stored in the Senators district. He says he spoke with New York universities who have quality environmental programs. They say the sanitizer, if brought to the proper facility, can be transformed into heat electricity.

Griffo also says makeup companies can benefit from the sanitizer, “And we have some great companies here like Estee Lauder, here in New York and I think they look at the value of the isopropyl alcohol and how that can be utilized in the manufacturing of makeup or lotion, things of that nature.”

Griffo adds that while the sanitizer is being stored following proper precautions, it is still a potentially hazardous material to keep on stand-by. His other concern is costs associated with disposing the sanitizer., “So I think this is a better approach and so that’s why I’ve written to the Governor and say, lets do this in a way where it’s not gonna cost the taxpayers money, we can get rid of it so it doesn’t potentially cause any hazards and we may be able to do something beneficial relative to energy,” he said.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, it’s okay to discard small amounts of hand sanitizer in the trash, but it would be better to take it to a hazardous-waste collection facility. And when it comes to larger amounts of sanitizer, they require hazardous waste disposal. 

We did reach out to the Governor’s office for a statement on this matter, but was unable to reach them for comment. Senator Griffo hopes to get this situation squared away as quickly as possible. We’ll have the latest with those updates.