BATH, N.Y. (WIVB) — A New York Supreme Court judge in Steuben County is striking down the new Congressional and Legislature maps.

He is ordering the State Legislature to start from scratch and draw new maps. In his ruling, the judge said the maps were drawn with political bias and cannot be used for any upcoming elections, including the gubernatorial primary in June.

Former Republican Congressman John Faso was an adviser on this case. He said the new maps would have made elections in New York State less competitive.

“The public interest is to have competitive elections and competitive districts. It is not to rig districts in the favor of one party or the other. And that’s what the constitutional amendment passed by the voters in ’14 stated,” Faso said.

The judge is giving state lawmakers until April 11 to draw and pass a new set of maps.

Governor Hochul and Attorney General James said they plan to appeal.

On Friday morning, New York State Republican Chairman and Senate GOP leader Rob Ortt responded to the judge’s decision.