ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Congressman Joe Morelle released a statement calling for Congressman George Santos to be denied access to classified information in the House.

Morelle (NY-25), along with Congressman Gregory Meeks, wrote a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy with concern over Santos receiving confidential information following accusations of Santos lying about his past.

According to the letter, Morelle and Meeks don’t want Santos to access include preventing him from attending briefings and limiting access to information through committee assignments.

“The numerous concerning allegations about his behavior over decades put his character into question, and suggest he cannot be trusted with confidential and classified information that could threaten the United States’ national security,” Morelle wrote.

Congressman Santos is currently being investigated by the Naussau County District Attorney, the NY Attorney General’s office, and federal prosecutors. These allegations include him lying about having Jewish ancestry, a Wall Street pedigree, and a college degree, which Santos has admitted to.

Santos has suggested that he isn’t planning to step down over these allegations.