(WIVB)– As republicans ratch up accusations against Governor Cuomo’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic they are demanding justice.

GOP leaders are considering consequences that could remove Cuomo from office.

Republicans in Albany seem to be on a parallel path with Democrats in Washington, they are hinting Cuomo is no longer fit to be governor. But unlike the political drama in Washington, the next election in New York is more than a year away.

“He needs to be held accountable for this decision. This one of the most serious errors ever committed.”

Nick Langworthy, State Republican Chairman

State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy is accusing Governor Cuomo of bungling the state’s response to the COVID pandemic from the very beginning, hurting business, costing jobs and costing lives.

State Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs counters, where was the Republican outrage with the president’s handling of the pandemic?

Jay Jacobs, State Democratic Chairman said, “There were no complaints from the Republican Party when President Trump, for months and months, was calling this a Democratic hoax.”

Initially, Langworthy was calling for recalling the governor by voter referendum, but that is not allowed by law in New York.

So Republicans are taking to roads toward removing Governor Cuomo, they are demanding an investigation of Cuomo’s conduct by the U.S. Justice Department that could lead to criminal sanctions or impeaching him.

“Andrew Cuomo is unfit for public office in the state legislature, and I am calling on them today to bring up articles of impeachment based on this lie and coverup,” Langworthy said.

But Jacobs says there is no comparison between New York’s response to the pandemic and what was done on the federal level.

“The governor and his team, the whole team, got us through that–everybody was happy with it. Was everything done perfectly? Could we look back on it now, with the benefit of hindsight, would there be other decisions that might be made? Possibly.”

Jay Jacobs, State Democratic Chairman

But political science professor Jacob Neiheisel says the chances of an impeachment among New York lawmakers are slim.

Neiheisel told us, “So even though a number of Democrats might not be terribly happy at the moment with the governor, I think impeachment is a step that the vast majority of them would be unwilling to take.”

New York’s impeachment process is very similar to what we have been watching in Congress.. impeachment starts in the Assembly, and a trial court is assembled for the trial.

Only one governor has ever been removed by impeachment, in New York, 1913.

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