(WIVB)– Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday that along with New Jersey and Connecticut, New York State marinas and boatyards will open for personal use as long as social distancing and sanitation guidelines are followed.

 “Aligning our policies in this area is another example of that strong partnership, and will help ensure there is no confusion or ‘state shopping’ when it comes to marinas and boatyard,” Cuomo said in a statement.

News 4 talked with James Clinton, a restaurant owner who operates out of a local marina in Tonawanda. He says marina owners are making changes to ensure everyone is safe

“The people out here, they’re fishermen lot of fishermen come out. The boats in the water marina, they come and get on their boats and go. It’s not like we don’t have big parties or gatherings so its pretty much, you never really have to worry about social distancing here.”

Boating season officially begins in May. Chartered services or rentals are still restricted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and restaurant activity is still limited to take-out or delivery only.

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