SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The Christmas holiday weekend is fast approaching and Mother Nature may try to throw a monkey wrench into people’s plans.

Is there going to be a storm?

Yes. Given the pattern setup, it looks like there will be a storm evolving in the Eastern US and Great Lakes Thursday/Friday.

As they say, the ‘Devil is in the details.’ While there have been some disagreements from our computer models the last couple of days on a track, they all spin up a storm in one form or fashion.

You said ‘accumulation’ so how much are we talking about?

We are still five days away so too early for any specific totals but there is the potential for enough to plow or snowblow. Plus, this all happens while temperatures are quickly dropping below freezing so expect untreated roads to ice up quickly.

The odds for a really big accumulation of snow at this point seems to be farther west over the Great Lakes.

Closer to the East Coast (the big cities east of Syracuse) it’s mainly a rain and wind storm.

Early breakdown of Pre-Christmas storm

What about wind?

We should have strong southerly winds Friday turning into the southwest by evening Friday and continuing into Saturday. The winds Friday night and Saturday could gust past 40 mph causing some minor damage including to outdoor decorations and potentially isolated power outages.

Will it impact my travel plans?

This will be a large system that, at the very least, slows travel down. The wind could cause disruptions to air travel. Across the Great Lakes, where the heavy snow threat is greatest, air and car travel could be tricky.

You’ll definitely want to pay close attention to forecasts over the next few days.  If you have air travel plans, be in contact with your air carrier for any flight changes.

We’re keeping an eye on the weather. Check out the latest 4Warn Forecast here.