Driver asking bicyclist he hit to pay $700 to fix car


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (via WROC) —  A Rochester man wants $700 to fix his car, and he wants the bicyclist who he crashed with to pay for it.

Bryan Agnello says he was biking on Culver Road by the Interstate 490 ramp last month, within his legal rights, when a Ford Fusion hit him from behind.

“Luckily the way I fell was just back onto the car and just rolled off,” Agnello said. “For a second I thought I was under the car which was terrifying, and the next moment I was laying on my back looking up at the traffic light.”

Agnello says he had minor injuries, and although the police report confirms his story, a claim filed by the driver paints a different picture. It says he was biking on Route 490 and it was a head-on collision.

The driver did not immediately respond when contacted.

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