Sen. Ortt to speak out against bill aiming to ban gun raffles in NY

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(WIVB) — A local lawmaker is now opposing legislation that would ban gun raffles in New York State.

A proposed bill by a Democratic Senator in New York state would ban people from winning guns at charitable raffles. Republican State Senator Rob Ortt says there are many myths about the bill, including that the game of chance run raffles are open to anyone regardless of age. Ortt said that’s not true.

“You don’t walk into a catering venue and walk out owning a firearm,”Ortt said. “What happens is you have to fill out a federal form and you have to go through a NICS check. The people who are participating in this are responsible gun owners, are responsible citizens and if they don’t want to gun, very often they get a gift card to the outlet or store.”

Paul McQuillen, who’s a member of the Stop the Violence Coalition said although he’s not anti-guns he thinks gun raffles create a safety risk.

“The average gun-owner home has anywhere from 10 to 12 to 15 guns, so I mean when is enough enough? McQuillen asked.

Ortt says that many organizations, including volunteer fire departments, rely on these types of raffles to help with operations and support charity drives.

He said instead of gun raffles, organizations should find an alternative.

“We have to find things to replace guns, you know? McQuillen said. “Instead of a gun raffle maybe we can give away bikes, give away computers, give away home security, if our need for a gun is home security let’s give away home security.”

That’s why a senator from Long Island proposed this ban back in January, to stop guns from being raffled off.

He says it’s a safety concern and that this bill would protect public safety and help with “common sense gun reform.”

There have been no votes on the bill so far.

Ortt’s conference is scheduled to take place at 3 p.m. at the Tonawanda Sportsmen’s Club.

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