(WIVB) — The State DMV is warning New Yorkers of a “text message phishing scheme.” 

Officials say the phishing or “illegitimate text messages” ask folks to verify their driver’s license information and validate their COVID-19 status.

Anyone receiving a text like this should delete it right away, the NYS DMV tells News 4.

The NYS Office of Information Technology Services recommends these precautions:

  • DO exercise caution with all communications you receive, including those that appear to be from a trusted entity. Inspect the sender’s information to confirm the message was generated from a legitimate source.
  • DO keep an eye out for telltale signs of phishing – poor spelling or grammar, the use of threats, the URL does not match that of the legitimate site. If the message does not feel right, chances are it is not.
  • DON’T click on links embedded in an unsolicited message from an unverified source.
  • DON’T send your personal information via text. Legitimate businesses will not ask users to send sensitive personal information through text message.
  • DON’T post sensitive information online. The less information you post, the less data you make available to a cybercriminal for use in developing a potential attack or scam.

For more information on DMV phishing scams, click here.