State legislators working to improve recycling efforts

Around New York State

(WIVB)– Legislators met virtually with environmental experts to discuss how to improve recycling in New York.

The main focus was on the packaging industry.

According to research, the U.S. creates nearly 300 million tons of solid waste each year, but only around 70 million tons are recycled.

With the rest ending up in landfills local governments are often faced with having to raise taxes or cut back waste programs to keep up with costs.

State Senator Todd Kaminsky talked about using what’s called “extended producer responsibility” to help reduce waste.

“It would mean that those that produce paper and packaging would actually have to fund the cost or a significant amount of the cost of recycling. And depending on how eco-friendly or how much of the material they would make, those producers would pay more into the system or less, depending on those factors.”

State Senator Todd Kaminsky (D), Long Island, Chair of the Environmental Conservation Committee

Senator Kaminsky says that’s important because he believes the recycling industry is in a state of crisis.

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