(WSYR-TV) — A Syracuse man is accused of going on a violent crime spree in the city.  

Officers say it all started Sunday afternoon when 32-year-old William Kaulback stole items from Joe’s Quick Mart. He was arrested and later kicked a police cruiser and a door at the justice center. But that was only the beginning, officers say.  

After being arraigned and released, Kaulback went to the 300 block of Hartson Street and smashed the front windshield of his sister’s car with a jack. 

Just after 10:30 p.m., he broke a window at Universal Auto Sales on Pulaski Street along with a motorcycle. Then a window at Schindler Elevator before busting a window at Destiny USA. He then took his frustration out on 45 vehicles at Millenium Auto Brokers along Hiawatha Boulevard East, which caused $14k in damages. 

Kaulaback was finally located after damaging windows at two more businesses. He is facing numerous counts of criminal mischief.