Upstate woman turns to Facebook to help her brother celebrate a birthday

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(WIVB)–An Upstate New York woman’s plea on Facebook has been shared around the world.

She’s asking for birthday cards for her brother, who has special needs.

She’s hoping people’s acts of kindness continue long after the pandemic passes.

Kira Benson has never lived in Western New York.

But her Facebook post about her brother has grabbed the attention of people in our area and far beyond.

“I got a message this morning from someone in Brazil that couldn’t send a card but hey here’s a picture and a message if you could just send it to your brother which has been absolutely phenomenal,” said Kira Benson, who lives outside Albany in Troy, New York.

Her post was simple.

She said: “My special needs brother Adam thrives on routine and social interactions… so as you can imagine the quarantine has been especially hard on him.”

She went on to say he loves to get mail and left an address for people to send cards.

Some of us dread turning another year older.

But you probably get the idea, Adam’s birthday is a really big deal.

“It’s as big as deal to him as it would be to an 8-year-old. He’s gone 34 years with having a birthday party every single year. As soon as his birthday is over one year, it’s a countdown to his birthday the next year because it’s the only day where it’s all about him,” said Kira.

This year will be different for Adam.

There won’t be a big party, where he’s surrounded by all his friends.

Kira says Adam probably won’t understand why, so she’s hoping the cards show him that people still care.

“It truly means a lot to me and I know it’s going to mean even more to him next week when he has hundreds of cards to open up,” said Kira.

She has a message for people to continue their good deeds.

“Remember that even when all this COVID madness is over it really means a lot to someone when you step out of your way to do an act of kindness so keep it up,” said Kira.

The response Kira has seen for her brother gives her hope about some positive change in today’s society.

Adam’s birthday is next Thursday, May 28th.

You can send a card to Adam at this address:

Adam McKenney

c/o Kira Benson

6 Summit Way Apt A

Troy, NY 12180

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