More than 75,000 cases of COVID-19 are confirmed in New York

Around New York State

ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB) — 75,795 cases of coronavirus are confirmed in New York.

10,929 people are hospitalized (2,710 in intensive care), 4,975 were discharged from hospitals, and 1,550 people are dead.

Cuomo’s own brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, is one of the people who tested positive.

For weeks, the Governor has been making changes in the way things operate.

This includes the closure of all schools and telling hospitals to increase their capacity by 50 percent, with a goal of 100 percent.

Originally, schools were told to close until April 1, but that was extended through April 15. Many schools in western New York have decided to closed until at least April 20, though.

While this continues, the search for more hospital beds and ventilators, which help patients breathe, has been ongoing.

Some locations, like the Javits Center in Manhattan, have been turned into temporary hospitals. The Javits Center has 2,500 beds inside.

Cuomo acknowledges that this isn’t just a health crisis, but an economic one, too, commenting on his displeasure with the federal government’s $2 trillion stimulus package.

On Thursday, Cuomo said that with this plan, New York would get $5 billion specifically earmarked for coronavirus expenses. He says this would do nothing for the lost revenue caused by businesses in the state being closed. Of the economic challenges, Cuomo says lost revenue is the more important one the federal government should address.

The Governor called on the federal government to “address the places that need help,” saying the current Congressional action is failing to address the need.

Financially, emotionally and physically, Cuomo knows the coronavirus pandemic has been trying on peoples’ stamina, patience and stress.

“Fight the fight today, yes, but anticipate the next battle and plan for the next battle, and the main battle is at the apex,” Cuomo said Tuesday morning. “The main battle is at the top of the mountain.”

Cuomo says New York is “planning for the battle at the top of the mountain,” which he believes will be in one to three weeks. That is the time hospitals will be hardest hit with patients, according to estimates.

It is predicted that at this apex, 140,000 beds will be needed in hospitals across New York State.

Persistently pushing to keep politics out of the picture, the Governor talked about how public and private organizations, as well as people on either side of the political aisle, need to unite to help out wherever the need is strongest.

“The health care system is a chain; it breaks anywhere, it breaks everywhere,” he said.

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