Gov. Cuomo: All employees, outside of essential services, must stay home

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ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced that he will sign an executive order mandating that effective 8 p.m. Sunday evening, 100 percent of the workforce must work outside their normal work site, excluding essential services.

A list of state-defined essential services can be found here.

Gov. Cuomo said there will be a civil fine and mandatory closures for businesses that are not in compliance.

Cuomo also announced a 90-day moratorium on evictions of residential or commercial tenants.

“I know we’re going to put people out of work with what I did. I don’t want to put them out of their house, too,” Cuomo said during his Friday morning briefing.

He added that the order is not a “shelter-in-place”.

The state has been watching the rate of hospitalizations, especially intensive care unit hospitalizations, and also, the rate of ventilated patients.

Gov. Cuomo says that the state still needs to increase its ICU beds and ventilators.

“Ventilators are to this war what missiles were to World War II,” he said.

Any facility regulated by the health department that has ventilators is being asked to provide them to the state. Cuomo says the state will purchase them, calling them the item needed the most.

Gov. Cuomo is calling on companies and facilities that are able to provide medical supplies, like masks, gowns and beds, to do so.

Those who are able to provide ventilators can call (518) 281-5120.

Cuomo announced that the state is going under PAUSE- a policy which stands for Policies that Assure Uniform Safety for Everyone. It places restrictions on the state population, which Cuomo is calling “Matilda’s Law”, named after the governor’s mother, who is in the vulnerable population.

Here are some provisions under “Matilda’s Law”.

  • Outside, solitary exercise like a walk or run is okay
  • gathering to play sports like basketball is not okay
  • pre-screen visitors by taking their temperatures
  • don’t visit households with multiple people
  • all vulnerable people should wear a mask while in company of other people
  • always stay at least six feet away from people
  • don’t take public transport unless urgent and absolutely necessary

The state now has 7,102 confirmed cases of coronavirus, a figure Cuomo attributes to New York having done more tests than other states- 10,000 were done Thursday night.

According to the numbers shown in Cuomo’s press conference, Erie County now has 31 positive cases.

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