NEW YORK (NEWS10) — Gov. Kathy Hochul announced increased funding for measures meant to combat hate crimes. The announcement came from the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City.

The governor announced that the availability of $25 million in added funds to help nonprofits improve security to defend against hate crimes and hate attacks. “We’re going on offense,” she said.

In her announcement, Hochul referenced the late Pres. Franklin Roosevelt and his “four freedoms,” specifically the freedom from fear. “No New Yorker should have fear going to their homes, going to their work, going to their places of worship, or just taking the subway or going out to dinner,” she said. “We have to eradicate that fear once and for all.”

The new funding is through the Division of Criminal Justice Services, and is earmarked to support 800 new projects across the state. That money is building on $43 million already awarded to 362 nonprofits.

“To solve a problem, you have to be able to quantify it,” Hochul said, also announcing a new online reporting system for people experiencing hate crimes: Hate Has No Home. She said she hopes digital reporting can help minimize shame or embarrassment, and encourage people to come forward.

“This stops now. I don’t want a single New Yorker to ever, ever have the fear that’s in the hearts of too many people from our Jewish community, our Asian community, our African-American community, or any other community that feels they’ve been under siege. This is wrong. We are going to take a very strong stand, not just with these resources to protect, but we’re going on offense. I like football a little bit in case you haven’t heard. We’re going to defend but we’re going to go on offense and we’re going to let people know that if they dare raise a hand to any New Yorker they are picking a fight with 20 million others, starting with their governor.”