NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — On Wednesday, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo held a briefing in New York City where he announced changes are coming for baseball fans.

As of May 19, vaccinated baseball fans will be able to have normal seating, meaning not socially distanced, as long as they still wear masks. Children under 16 will be able to accompany those who are already vaccinated.

For baseball fans who are not vaccinated, they will still have to use the social distancing guideline of six feet between fans, which would still mean about a 33% occupancy rate in stadiums.

“No testing, but if you’re vaccinated, have the Excelsior Pass, proof of vaccination, that will determine where you sit,” Cuomo said.

“It’s a different experience with a crowd,” Cuomo said. “The crowd energizes, the crowd brings the rhythm, the crowd brings the dynamic.”

Cuomo also announced that the New York Mets, New York Yankees, and the New York State Department of Health are teaming up to offer vaccinations at Mets and Yankees games. As an added incentive, you also receive a free ticket into a Mets or Yankees game.

“We call that a New York home run,” Cuomo said.

In addition to restrictions being lifted on May 19, on Wednesday, Cuomo announced that Broadway shows will open on September 14 at 100% capacity. Tickets go on sale on May 6.

As always, Cuomo gave an update on the state’s COVID positivity rate:

You can watch Cuomo’s briefing below: