(WSYR-TV) — One of the changes Wegmans made early on in the pandemic was to close down their hot and cold food bars. On Tuesday night, a company spokesperson told Nexstar contributor WSYR that they have no plans to bring them back. 

This information comes amid state health guidance that does not allow self-serve buffets. Staffed buffets are permitted, since there is no customer contact with common objects.

“Prior to the pandemic, we had a number of self-serve bars in our stores that were very popular with our customers. When those were no longer an option, our restaurant foods team had to rethink how to offer the same delicious food in a different way, so we began putting a larger focus on prepackaged meals.

We continue to follow the NYSDOH guidelines, and currently, we do not have plans to bring the self-serve bars back in their traditional way. However, through Wegmans Meals 2Go, customers can order the same restaurant meals for curbside pick-up or delivery. We will continue experimenting new ways to deliver restaurant-style food to our customers.”

Michelle Mehaffy, Wegmans’ Buffalo consumer affairs manager

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