What are these “Jenga bridges” raising anxiety in Rochester?

Around New York State

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WIVB) — The New York State Department of Transportation said that a structural support resembling the tabletop game Jenga is something that should alarm no drivers.

It’s called “cribbing,” a term used for a temporary wooden structure used to support heavy objects during construction, relocation, vehicle extrication, or urban search and rescue.

The supports were spotted at least two highway overpasses.

“The bridge [at Blossom and 590] is completely safe for travel. As a precautionary measure following a routine inspection, maintenance crews performed a technique known as ‘cribbing’ last week to further support one of the elements underneath the bridge. This is a proven and effective method utilized by the Department throughout the state to provide further stability to a structure until long-term repairs can be made.”

Jordan Guerrein, DOT Public Information Officer

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