N.Y. (WETM) — New Yorkers voted for opossums to be the next species featured on the New York Department of Environmental Conservation’s Habitat and Access Stamp.

North America’s only native marsupial was chosen over timber rattlesnakes, yellow perches, and bobolinks to be on the DEC’s fundraising stamp. The DEC announced the poll on Facebook and gave people from May 8 to May 15 to pick the animal they thought should be on the stamp. The Virginia opossum was crowned the winner on May 18.

According to the Humane Society, opossums are shy and gentle animals. They eat many pests that can harm people and their gardens, like snails, slugs, small rodents, and ticks. Although they can be seen hissing and drooling, opossums are very resistant to rabies. This behavior is just a defense mechanism. Opossums pose no threat to humans.

The Habitat and Access Stamp is a sticker that the DEC gives in exchange for a donation of $5. All of these donations go directly into the DEC Habitat Conservation and Access Account. This account supports efforts to conserve wildlife habitats in New York State. This conservation allows people to enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, birding, and hunting.

Access and Habitat Stamps can be purchased through any vendor that sells hunting and fishing licenses or through the DEC’s online license issuing system. You don’t have to purchase a stamp to hunt or fish, and you don’t have to buy a fishing or hunting license to purchase a stamp.