Newly designed drinking fountain locks installed at Park School Buffalo


There’s many points of contact inside schools for the transmission of germs like the common cold, the flu, and now the coronavirus. One of the most common points of germ transmission, experts say, are drinking fountains.

A new gadget, that’s designed locally, aims to keep kids safe, it’s called the Drinking Fountain Lockout Device

“It was my idea, we were talking to teachers as schools were shutting down, but we knew that they would reopen at some point and what we decided to do was look for innovative solutions to help businesses and schools reopen,” said Paul Schneeberger Brady Corporation.

“It’s a tamper proof device, so students would not be able to play with it,” he said. “There’s other options for you drinking fountains, you can cover it with a plastic bag, garbage bags, things like that, but that’s going to be touched by students and students will decide to play with that.”

It’s been recently installed at the Park School of Buffalo as part of their covid-19 safety measures.

“They will lock out the ability to use the water fountains by mouth. Every student will be required to bring a water bottle, every day we will have some on hand, should somebody forget or lose theirs throughout the day. But, the purpose is so that we are not sharing water fountains once we’re back on campus,” School Principal Lisa Conrad.

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