NFTA tokens to be retired March 1st


A once-popular relic is about to officially become part of NFTA history. Beginning March 1st, bus and train tokens will no longer be accepted from riders.

The NFTA stopped selling the tokens in 2010, and initially planned to phase them out completely by 2013. But they continued to accept them into 2019 as a matter of conveninece for riders, said director of public affairs Helen Tederous.

The NFTA tokens went into service in 1918. Now, authority officials are trying to determine what to do with 870,000 of them.

“They do bring back great memories,” said Tederous. “I don’t know if it’s the physical nature of them. They’re just interesting to look at. They’re antiquish.”

Tederous said the NFTA is looking forward to the modernization of its model, with the introduction of the “Token Transit” application in April. Through that, riders will be able to purchase bus and train tickets directly on their phone.

In the meantime, riders can still purchase tickets at the kiosks in NFTA stations.

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