NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) –  There’s new information about the death of Niagara Falls Daredevil Kirk Jones.   A couple living in Niagara Falls may have witnessed his final moments.Peggie and Ron Bastian were simply having coffee at home over looking the river, when they saw not one, but two men put an 8-foot inflatable ball into the rapids. They say, the men and the ball disappeared out of view for just a few moments behind a tree.  They then saw just the ball floating downstream.  That’s when Peggie captured a picture of the ball and posted it on Facebook.  

Jones’ body was recovered from the water below the Falls on June 2.

You may remember Jones made national headlines 2003 when he plunged over the falls wearing just his clothes, becoming the first adult to go over the falls without protection. He was the first person to survive doing this.

Parks police believe this was part of a second stunt involving that inflatable ball and this time, bringing a boa constrictor along with him inside the ball.

The snake hasn’t been found, though an empty snake cage was found in Jones’ parked van.

Police don’t know whether Jones fell or climbed out of the ball before reaching the brink.

The Bastians immediately contacted Parks Police after learning there was a connection to the picture they took.

They had no idea after the posting the photo online, they could’ve been witnessing Jones’ final moments. Peggie Bastian said, “We heard that they found the body, and that they pulled some kind of a ball out of the water. That’s when we said, ”That’s the ball we saw going in the water! That’s the first time we would ever dream that anybody was in that ball.”

The Parks Police Department is still trying to piece together Jones’ final moments.

They say it’s possible he never actually got inside the giant ball, and instead fell into the rapids while trying to carry both the snake and the inflatable sphere on his own.