Take a walk inside The Why Coffee Shop, on Main Street in Niagara Falls and it’s like a step back in time, with its vintage countertops, swivel chairs and lighting.

It’s that aesthetic that’s made it perfect for two different movie shoots. A film crew was set up at the diner on Sunday shooting a movie. It’s the second movie shot there so far this year.

And earlier this year, a Lifetime movie called “Sleeping with my Student” was filmed there. https://www.mylifetime.com/movies/sleeping-with-my-student

Its appeal to movie makers comes as no surprise for the shop’s regulars.

“I graduated high school in 1950, and this place was a hub for all the students, when they got out of high school, they would all come here and spend their time hanging out there it was called Spinners Restaurant,” said Don King. “Like myself, it gets better with age.”