Families in Niagara Falls walked away with their arms full of goodies and treats here at the Abate Elementary School Harvest Festival, Wednesday.

Nearly 500 pumpkins, both big and small apple cider, peanut butter and jelly and homemade bread were among the items that were given away.

“I think that they’re enjoying it. If you see some of the kids, you’ll see the smiles on their faces, and I think the families and the parents are very much enjoying it,” said Lynne Tompkins School Principal. “We were so happy to be able to have an event for families that’s safe that’s outside.”

The event started as a community impact project spearheaded by a Niagara University graduate student, who was student teaching at the school

“Every year, we’re supposed to participate or design an impact project in our communities for grad school, and covid has made it very difficult obviously, but I decided to propose it anyways,” said Kyle-lynn Tuttle event organizer. “We’ve got a lot of great community partners and now we’re able to bring this free fall market to our kids.”