The local community is coming together to support a family that lost everything in a fire Tuesday in North Buffalo.

Meg Marshall lives and works in North Buffalo, she and her daughter were driving to school Tuesday morning, when they saw something out of the ordinary.

“It looked like fast moving clouds and then I realized it was a fire. And it was the first time she saw a fire, a house on fire, and it kind of scared her. And she was like mom we’ve got to do something.”

So, Marshall took to Facebook. She made a post asking people to bring donated items and gift cards to the salon where she works the Imagine Salon and Spa on Hertel Ave.

“They need everything since the house was demolished in front of them yesterday, it was not only on fire, but then taken down, so boots, shoes, we’ve gotten blankets and sweaters and leggings,” she said.

To donate: Women’s items, clothing size XL and 2x, toiletries, gift cards visit the Imagine Salon and Spa 1527 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216