(WIVB) — New York State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy on Monday called NY-23 opponent Carl Paladino an ‘abortion profiteer,’ citing that Paladino leases property at 750 Portage Rd. in Niagara Falls to Planned Parenthood.

Paladino said in a separate press conference that the Planned Parenthood lease in the plaza predated his company’s ownership of the property and he treats the organization as he does his other tenants.

“You cannot look voters in the eye and say you are pro-life while pocketing money from them every month for years on end,” Langworthy said.

He went on claim Paladino is not filing financial disclosure reports because he does not want to be exposed for using money he made off the Planned Parenthood lease to fund his campaign. Paladino, in his press conference, claimed the reports will be filed “momentarily” and said his campaign has asked for a formal extension and will file in time for the election.

Paladino repeatedly called Langworthy “egotistical” and “entitled,” and said after the election, he will demand Langworthy resign from his position as GOP chairman. Paladino then endorsed Sue McNeal, the Fulton County Republican chair, as his pick to take over for Langworthy.

McNeal also showed her support for Paladino for the NY-23 election.

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