ALBANY,N.Y. (NEWS10)–Governor Hochul announced on Monday that New York State is aligning with the recent COVID guidance from the Centers for Disease Control.

“The CDC is no longer recommending quarantining due to exposure. So let’s lay this out. If a student or teacher is exposed, has a close contact who is exposed, and they don’t have symptoms— they no longer have to go home and will stay in school,” explained Hochul.

The CDC recommends wearing a mask for 10 days if someone has been exposed.

“So no more test to stay. What that means is that if a classmate tests positive for COVID and your child doesn’t have symptoms, your child can stay in school as long as they wear a mask under those circumstances. That’s what we recommend.”

If someone does test positive, it’s recommended that they stay home for five days. If they have no symptoms after those five days and test negative, they can go back to school.

“This year we are going to be distributing once again to schools one test kit per child at the start, but schools can request additional kits.”

New York State is encouraging vaccinations.

“We support these recommendations and will continue to look to public health experts to issue guidance that maintains a safe learning environment so educators can focus on what they do best: supporting our students academically, socially, and emotionally,” said Andy Pallotta, President of the New York State United Teachers Union.

Even though COVID guidelines are relaxing, the Governor’s COVID executive powers were just renewed.

“What I want to recognize is that this is our vulnerable time, this is when you’re lulled in the sense of complacency,” said Hochul. “This is our third year heading into this. Our third winter, our third fall. I want to give ourselves another month to access whether or not we needed that extra ability to have additional people be able give vaccines. And that is how we are primarily using it right now.”