NYS bail reform and criminal justice reform face resistance from law enforcement


In just over a month, bail reform and discovery reform, which are a part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s criminal justice reform package passed earlier this year,  will become a reality in New York State. Several representatives from sheriff’s offices and law enforcement agencies in Western New York gathered Thursday  to express their concerns about the upcoming changes.

State Assemblyman Michael Norris,  was joined by members of local law enforcement Thursday, when he announced that he’s cosponsoring a bill in the state assembly that calls for a 1 year moratorium to both bail and discovery reform.

Opponents of the law say it was passed hastily– and more feedback from law enforcement is needed.

“Re-open up this package and put the moratorium in place, so a proper discussion and dialogue, with all the professionals who deal with this on a day to day basis, come back to the table so it can be dealt with,” said Norris.

Several members of the public also weighed in.

“We pushed this through. I say we, as-in the people in New York State, we wanted this passed and now its time for our elected officials to listen,” said Desmond Abrams activist.

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