NYS budget deal still being negotiated


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York State missed its budget deadline last night, and negotiations are still ongoing. So far only one of about ten anticipated budget bills, the Debt Services bill, has passed. 

A big part of the negotiations this year between democrats in the legislature and the Governor’s Office has focused on increasing taxes on the wealthy. Democrat lawmakers have argued despite federal stimulus there should be a recurring revenue stream. 

Assemblywoman Pat Fahy says it seems a lot of issues have not been settled. “We are very grateful for how incredibly generous the American Rescue Plan has been with all the federal billions of dollars that we are getting, but we also want to make sure that we are doing our part here in the state,” she said.

Today Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt said there should be zero tax increases and criticized the budget delay. “The budget is late. Any way you slice it the budget is now late. And it’s very likely in my view that we’ll have a late budget and a bad budget,” Ortt said.  

Today is also the deadline the Governor set for police agencies to submit their approved reform plans or be at risk of losing state funding.

“This reimagining of law enforcement in our state and in this country while sounds great and we want to have good policing in our communities, and we want to be fair to everyone, crime continues, and we will continue to need law enforcement armed and ready to defend us in our homes and in our communities,” said State Senator Tom O’Mara.

As far as the state budget goes Patrick Orecki with the Citizens Budget Commission says there’s still a couple days where not having an enacted budget won’t impact day to day governmental operations for the most part. 

“Where we are now in the budget process is basically that the lack of enacted budget bills won’t really start to impact state operations until basically next week when a payroll cycle has to be run,” Orecki said. 

Again, no final deal has been reached. Usually, the most controversial issues are rolled into the last of the budget bills, which is often referred to as ‘the big ugly.’

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