NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) — A road that cuts the City of Niagara Falls off from its waterfront will be torn down, officials said as they spoke to the public on Tuesday afternoon.

Governor Andrew Cuomo stood with Congressman Brian Higgins, Mayor Paul Dyster and more as they announced the parkway will be removed from Main Street to Findlay Drive, aiming for easier access to the Niagara River.

The removal will be costly, with the government expecting to spend $42 million to start the job in early 2018. Local construction workers say they’re happy with the decision to remove the parkway as it will create jobs.

“That is part of bringing back western New York’s energy and growth. Believe in you, it is a highway, it’s asphalt and concrete,” Cuomo said. “We get a shovel and we hit it enough times, it cracks up, it gets loose, we pick it up and we put it in a truck and there is no more highway. That is just what it is.”

Locals can look forward to the prospect of renaming the roadway, as New York is holding an online vote to select a new name. Anybody interested in voting can click here.