One of Buffalo’s famous singing cops gave a helping hand to an area business that was hit hard by this weekend’s riots


When singing cop Moe Badger first learned that his friend’s business was under attack by looters, he jumped into action.

“I stood out here with a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants, and just asked, and pleaded with people, Please don’t do this to our community,” he said. “Please don’t do this to a black owned business.”

Moe Badger was home with his family when he got a phone call from his long time friend Jason at around 1 a.m. on Sunday.  Jason owns International Wine and Spirits on Main Street in Buffalo, and it was in the process of being looted. 

“Me and my family were literally watching CNN, we were watching the craziness that’s going on and I got a call from Jason,” he said. “He was basically telling me that people were in the store and they busted a window. I didn’t even let him finish, I just ran out.”

“He actually beat me down here,” said Jason Bellamy owner International Wine and Spirits. “Moe’s always been a great friend and community leader.  It was just a great thing to have him come out and actually be supportive. He stood by my side, just like in life, though the whole process.”

After the George Floyd protests Saturday night, riots spilled over into the surrounding communities — several stores, including the liquor store sustained serious damage. 

“Complete destruction, there were broken bottles everywhere, ripped up some registers, and took a lot of stuff,” said Bellamy. “So it was heartbreaking but i think we’ll still recover and move forward.”

The business has been on Main Street for 10 years and Bellamy says they’re still open for business despite the vandalism.


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