BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- Real estate developer Chason Affitinty is making headway on its planned condominiums at Elmwood and Forest Avenues in the Elmwood Village.

Depending on how you to look at it, it’s either the end of an era or the start of something new.

“My concern is, is this going to be a big, shadow-creating building that’s going to change the flavor of the neighborhood?” asked former longtime Elmwood Village resident Tom Surwill.

Survwill lived in the area for twenty years before recently moving to Williamsville.

Many residents are concerned with the height of the planned building; at 4 stories, it would be story higher than most of the village’s structures.

But business owners we spoke to welcome the project.

“It’ll just bring so many more people to this area, and more businesses. I mean, we have to grow together and as a business I need other businesses around me to grow. I’m incredibly excited,” said co-owner of Half & Half Boutique on Elmwood Avenue, Kilby Bronstein.

Like Chason Affinity, Ciminelli Real Estate made numerous changes to it’s planned project in the Elmwood Village at Elmwood and Potomac Avenues, including placing part of it’s mixed use site on hold until details were ironed out.

Spokesperson for Ciminelli Anne Duggan said there’s no set date for breaking ground yet. The company is even leasing out some of the space reserved for the project in the mean time. Rin Thai Bistro opened this month.

Renee Moran owns Red Door Real Estate on Elmwood Avenue, and has helped Ciminelli fill some of it’s vacant space in the area; she welcomes the project, and said rumors that future development is negatively impacting current business is false.

“We are a thriving block, the next block is a thriving block. We’re doing wonderful. Somebody did just buy the corner building and some of the tenants moved out, but new people are coming right in behind them,” Moran told News 4.

In October, Ciminelli placed three homes it had originally purchased for the project back on the market.

“We are continuing to evaluate a variety of options for the project,” Duggan told News 4.