Orleans County DA addresses situation with Albion Middle School students


Two of the three middle schoolers accused of being responsible for a violent threat in Albion last year have pleaded guilty this week. 

One student pleaded  guilty to conspiracy and aggravated harassment and the other pleaded guilty to conspiracy.  The three kids are accused of making violent threats online back in November. Officials say the threats were against the school and an individual student. 

“The judge can do as much as put them in some type of detention facility supervised detention facility, supervised detention facility, for a period of time, down to giving them a conditional discharge if he wants to, but that’s not likely to happen, with as serious allegations as what was involved here,” said Joseph Cardone  District Attorney Orleans County .

The DA has a message to kids who are thinking about making similar threats either at school or online.

“When you make comments about hurting other people, particularly in a school setting, authorities are going to take it extremely serious,” said Cardone. “It’s going to be investigated, arrests are going to be made, and like these three students here in Albion, you’re going to go through the family court system and some of the liberties that you’ve enjoyed are going to change so students need to be keenly aware of the consequences of making comments like that.”

Cardone says that the families of all three kids have been cooperative and the kids have not committed any crimes since the incident happened in November.

“We feel this situation is well in hand,” he said. “I know that there’s been a lot of concern in this area about parents wondering about the safety of their children, going to the Albion school system in particular. But, I’m absolutely confident and I would like to reassure them, that I don’t feel there is any threat from any one of these three children.”

The kids are under probation supervision.  They’re scheduled to be sentenced in February.

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