Owners of Elmwood Tacos and Subs, now own most of buildings on block between W. Delavan and Bidwell Pkwy


A local business is taking a unique approach in expanding their footprint. The owners of Elmwood Tacos and Subs, now owns every property on that part of the block, accept for Cafe Aroma.

As far as what they plan to do with all that property? They’d like to get the public’s input on that.

“We’re not going to knock everything down and put in mixed-use, with luxury apartments up there. To us, that’s like boring, and cliche and that’s kind of overdone,” said Michael Lucchino manager of operations for Elmwood Taco and Subs. “So, that’s why we want to think outside the box. What does this area really need to get to the next level?”

The company has decided to start a public outreach campaign and forum that will help them decide on what the future looks like for that area. The business plants to launch a public forum and outreach in the next  couple of months.

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