Owners of the Brickyard Brewing Company are picking up the pieces tonight, after a fire destroys their business


Eric Matthews was  just getting home from a busy day doing takeout at The Brickyard Pub and BBQ on Center Street Tuesday night, when he got the call that this other business, the Brickyard Brewing Company, caught fire. 

“I just left, and sat down, and took a shower and sat and watched TV and that was it,” said Erie Matthews co-owner. “Then, I got a phone call from our security alarm people. Raced down here, and found a crazy mess. It’s been horrible.”

That all happened just before 11 p.m. Tuesday night, flames ripped through the brewery. Fire officials don’t have a cause yet, but they say the fire wall between the brewery and restaurant prevented the flames from spreading. The restaurant sustained smoke and water damage.  

“There was heavy smoke and water damage inside the restaurant, but actually, the fire department did an amazing job last night,” said Jonathan Schultz fire coordinator. “They did an amazing job stopping the fire from getting into the restaurant.”

Matthews says, because there was just smoke and water damage, they hope to reopen the BBQ side of the restaurant in a few weeks.

“We just want to get it back up and running as soon as we can. With the mayor and everybody else involved we will get this thing back and rebuild it as soon as we possibly can,” Matthews.

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