Parents of a teen who was raped at a Lewiston house party are suing the homeowners


The parents of a teen who says she was raped at a house party in Lewiston are now suing the homeowners and several others they say are connected to the crime.

The the lawsuit, the victim’s parents say the homeowners should have known sexual abuse, harassment and violence of any kind was taking place under their roof. That the homeowners, Tricia Vacanti and her husband Gary Sullo, failed to protect their daughter.

State police say parties happened at the Lewiston home between the end of 2016 and mid 2018. It was at one of those parties that police say the victim was assaulted.

Since then, Sullo, Vacanti and a third adult, Jessica Long were all charged in connection to the parties.

New York State police say they are accused of supplying minors with Alcohol during those parties.

The victim’s parents are suing Vacanti, Sullo, Long, her rapist and the rapist’s father.

A Lewiston teen was convicted of that rape and is spending the next two years on interim probation. If he completes that probation he could get youthful offender status.

In the lawsuit, the parents also state they are suing for the emotional and mental suffering and distress their daughter has gone through and the medical expenses associated with that.

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