(WIVB) – The parents of a North Tonawanda girl who was attacked by a group of other middle-school aged girls on camera last week have shared a statement thanking a pair of boys who stopped the assault.

The identities of the victim and the attackers were not released by police due to their ages, but the parents of the victim, Dawn and Joseph DellaValle, named her in their statement.

“This is the most painful thing I’ve ever had to write…On July 1, 2020, our daughter, Amelia, was the victim of an assault in North Tonawanda. She was attacked and humiliated in front of a dozen other kids by three girls…dragged by her hair, punched and kicked repeatedly in the head as well as having urine poured on her. This whole time, she never once tried to fight…she continually tried to walk away. As many stood and watched, only two courageous, outstanding young men stepped in to help, Anthony and Simon. These boys did not know our daughter, they just knew she was in trouble, and they took action. I can’t think of where we might be today had they not stopped this heinous assault on our sweet child. This being said, we cannot find enough words to praise and thank not only Anthony and Simon, but their parents, for raising young men with such courage, love and just basic human decency…Thank you.

The way our community has rallied around Amelia…the kind words, the gifts, the donations, and all the assurances that she is not alone and is very much loved, has been overwhelming. All the beautiful words of comfort and encouragement have brought a smile to her face. She has loved reading the messages of love and kindness….so again, we thank you all.

Most of all, it is our fondest wish this horrible and senseless act can turn into a positive for others, not only in our community, but for all these kids who suffer from bullying and attacks every day. Take the example of these young men, and rise above the bullies… show love and kindness, not hate.
We thank each and every one of our family and friends, for their amazing support and love. We thank our community and all the others who have rallied up to take a stand. Most of all, we thank Anthony and Simon. Without their help, I shudder to think of where we could be today. Amelia is here. Amelia is strong. Amelia is still smiling.

Thank you.”

– Dawn and Joseph DellaValle