TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) — Amber Owens and Charles Alloy were both at work the night of April 10, when Amber received a text from the babysitter that their son, Matty, probably had an allergic reaction to wipes or fruit, and to grab some Benedryl and Calamine lotion.

But when they arrived home a few minutes later, they quickly realized those medicines wouldn’t be strong enough, because Matty’s injuries were far worse.

“We got home at 11:15 to her sitting in a dark room with our child curled in her arms,” Owens said.

That was the beginning of what Amber and Charles say has been three months of hell for them and their now 9-month-old son, with more questions than answers.

When they arrived home that night, they could see something was wrong. His skin looked far worse than an allergic reaction.

“I then cut his shirt off to see that his neck, mouth, chest, legs, genitals, buttocks were burned as well,” Owens said.

The first: What exactly happened to little Matty. Doctors confirm, his injuries were far from an allergic reaction.

Burns to his mouth, neck and upper chest, legs and genitals kept Matty in the hospital for more than a week.

“I thought my baby is going to die,” Owens said. “Nobody expects to see that. It was shocking. You never expect to see your kid in that kind of a position, to see that someone was with him the whole time and not do anything about it.”

Tonawanda police, who are investigating the case, confirmed to News 4 the injuries are from burns. Who’s responsible, though, is another unanswered question.

It feels like they’ve put him on the back burner,” Owens said.

The waiting has been excruciating, Alloy said.

“Every so often you just lay down and you just wonder why,” he said.

Police said Amber and Charles had used the babysitter, who was hired off of Craigslist, several times, but they never left her alone with Matty.

“You always think it won’t happen to you, and then you’re stuck in a situation that not a lot of people have been in,” Owens said.

News 4 is not naming the babysitter or any other suspects because no charges have been filed.