Parkside residents send message to drivers to slow down


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) —  People living in Buffalo’s Parkside neighborhood are telling drivers to slow down. It’s not a new issue, but neighbors are finding new ways to warn drivers about children at play.

“There’s a lot of cut through traffic happening through Parkside now that it’s single lane in each direction, so people treat it like an expressway in the neighborhood,” said Sarah Ham, resident.

The last study conducted in the neighborhood was about four years ago. It found more than 11,000 cars drive through that area everyday.

Neighbors say the volume of cars is just too much. Speeding is the biggest concern, but so is drivers rolling through stop signs and driving through red lights.

Homeowners are now taking matters into their own hands. The Parkside Community Association handed out more than a hundred yard signs. The signs read “Slow Down. Children at Play.” It’s an effort to prevent a tragedy in a neighborhood full of families and children.

“It’s really annoying and there’s a lot of new families, a lot of young kids and it’s a shame, something’s got to be done,” said Nancy Abramo, resident.

“It’s no joke, 60 to 80 cars a day run the red lights. My fear is for the people with strollers, neighborhood mothers with kids, it’s a nightmare,” said Len Mattie, Parkside business owner.

“I have four children who I can’t send in the front yard during rush hour,” said Ham.

Last year the Department of Public Works reduced Parkside Avenue to two lanes to calm traffic. Buffalo Police also added an electronic speed sign. But, neighbors say more needs to be done.

“Signs aren’t going to help, enforcement and fines will help,” said Mattie.

“I think the only thing that’s really going to help significantly, is police enforcement. My fear is that somebody is going to get killed,” said Joel Rose, resident.

Buffalo Police told News 4 they have radar in the area routinely and will continue monitoring the neighborhood.

The DPW says they will be painting four new crosswalks in the area this month to calm traffic.

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