Passing out candy while staying safe from Covid-19


Just leave the bowl of candy outside and let the trick-or-treaters have at it! That seems to be the consensus among some Western New Yorkers when it comes to giving out candy during the Covid 19 pandemic.

“We’re going to stay inside and have the screen door open and have the bowl of candy sitting out,” said Stephanie Dommer of Buffalo.

But, what if they take all the candy at once?

“Oh, that’s ok. Kids are kids, right? So, if they’re going to take the whole bowl of candy, then I guess it is what it is!” Dommer said.

Some, plan to steer clear of handing out candy all together.

“How safe is it going to be? And I’ve had the covid in my family, and the neighbors, and I’m old,” s aid Robin Booze of Niagara Falls.

The state health department and the CDC says when you’re passing out candy during a pandemic try to avoid direct contact with trick-or-treaters. 

Also, set up a “grab and go” candy station with individually bagged treats, and if you do that, make sure it’s at least six feet from your front door. And, don’t pass out candy if you are sick or if you are sick with Covid19 or if you live with someone who is sick. 

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