People can access telebehavioral health services online for mental wellness


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Traditionally, seeing a therapist or a psychiatrist involved physically leaving your home and meeting with someone in person. But now talking with a professional is as easy as pressing a button on your computer.

Through a website called, people can access mental and behavioral health care online through a video chat. It’s been shown to be clinically effective for things like therapy, counseling, medication management and psychiatrist assessment. It works for a wide range of ages including children.

Behavioral health professionals like therapists are able to basically deliver the same face to face service they would in person, except instead it’s through a live video chat on a computer screen.

“Because you’re accessing providers that are licensed in your state but might not necessarily be physically within your community, a patient has better opportunity to access providers in a more timely fashion or they might be able to access them in a more convenient fashion often times services like this are available to a patient from the comfort of their home,” said Scott Baker, InSight Telepsychiatry Business Innovations Manager.

Another benefit is people can also access the services during nights and weekends.

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