Photo of roofing truck in handicapped spots goes viral


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A photo shared on Facebook more than 4,000 times since Saturday shows a truck belonging to Virginia Beach Roofing Company double parked across two handicapped parking spaces outside of a Verizon Wireless Store near Lynnhaven Mall.

“Some of the emails we got were actually more vulgar than parking in a handicapped zone,” said Virginia Beach Roofing owner Michael Longman. Longman admits the truck in that photo belongs to his company, but said the driver who parked it there is not an employee.

“There’s nothing I can do about it, but apologize,” he said. Longman said he let a friend borrow the truck.

“It’s out of the norm. It was an unfortunate mistake that wasn’t thought through. It was just an unfortunate event,” he said. Longman knows the bad parking job makes the business look bad, too.

“When it gets right down to it, the responsibility comes on my shoulders, so it’s up to me to get it cleaned up, and that’s what were doing,” he said.

Longman has issued a public apology on his company’s Facebook page.

News 4’s sister station 10 On Your Side also spoke with his friend, Hannah Nicole. She’s owning up to the misguided mistake: “I wanted to go to Verizon to pick up my telephone, and I double parked it in a handicap, just not thinking, being human and not thinking,” Nicole explained.

She said a person in the parking lot near the Lynnhaven Mall confronted her. The store manager, who saw it all, said Nicole did move the truck back to a regular spot.

“Yeah, it was lazy. I can admit that, just a girl making a dumb mistake on a hot summer day,” Nicole told

Longman said he holds his employees to a high standard when they’re driving his trucks, and he will now think twice about letting anyone else take the keys.

“And hope everybody will learn from this – don’t park in a handicap zone, absolutely,” he said.

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