Getting rid of the “Pink Tax” is the 10th proposal on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2020 State of the State agenda.

He’s delivering his State of the State address on Wednesday. And, in his address, Cuomo plans to push legislation that puts a stop to gender-based pricing for items like razors and services like dry cleaning.

“I think it’s an acknowledgment that there are expenses that women have, that men do not. It can be a disproportionate burden for women,” said Sheri L. Scavone, executive director WNY Women’s Foundation.

The new law will require certain service providers to post price lists for standard services. Businesses that violate the law could face a penalty.

Recent studies show, the price of toys, clothing, personal care products, and home health products for females was 42 percent of the time, more expensive than similar male products.

“It’s frustrating,” said Cindi McEachon Junior League of Buffalo. “You walk up and you’re purchasing a razor that isn’t pink. Maybe you decide to get a man’s razor or male shaving cream. These are just things that, they’ve become societal norms and it offers a sort of pressure. It’s a big business and unfortunately, it’s become a culturally acceptable pathway and it doesn’t make it right.”

Back in 2016 the Governor signed legislation that bans tax on menstrual products. New York was one of the first states to do that.