Police and community leaders warn of community gun violence after an elderly Buffalo woman was shot and critically over the weekend


A 71-year-old woman living on Lisbon Avenue is in critical condition after being shot while sitting in her home Friday night.

“She was sitting in her house watching TV, as a senior should be able to do peacefully and her window and her home were shot up by bullets,” said Buffalo Common Council Member Rasheed N.C. Wyatt.

Buffalo Police say the incident is under investigation and the bullets were coming outside the home.

Wyatt says the shooting reveals a pattern of violence that’s disrupting working class neighborhoods in his district.

“We talk about what other people are doing to our community. What do we do to our community? that’s the big question, what do we do?,” Wyatt said. “We’re dealing with systemic racism, we’re dealing with the vaccine, we’re trying to get adequate testing in our neighborhoods. All those things are really, and I can fight those things, but I can fight this one.” 

So far this year, according to police data, there’s been 30 shootings in the city of Buffalo since the start of the new year. This follows 2020’s violent trend were shootings skyrocketed 102 percent over the previous year.

“As we’ve said time and time again, covid has definitely had an impact on our ability to deliver a lot of the community based programs to get in front of a lot of this violence and attempts to stop it before it even happens,” said Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo.

Anyone with information to call their tip line (716) 847-2255.

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