AMHERST, NY (WIVB) – Amherst Police are investigating a fight between two employees at the Harlem Road Chuck-E-Cheese. 

The incident resulted in one employee having minor injuries and another being fired, according to police. 

In a statement, Amherst Police say they responded to the Harlem road location just after 1 P.M. on Saturday. 

They were told a physical altercation between two female employees happened earlier in the day, resulting in one employee being fired.

According to police, the fired worker returned with two other unknown females a few hours later and confronted the employee, leaving her with minor injuries including bruises and abrasions. 

The three suspects left in an unknown vehicle before officers’ arrived.

Amherst Police say the investigation is continuing.

Earlier this week, the game room license for Chuck E. Cheese was renewed despite another recent incident where a brawl broke out. 

In April, a brawl involving at least 15 people was caught on camera. The video went viral showing kids fighting kids and adults.

The Town of Amherst renewed the facility’s license under a number of conditions, including upgrading security.

Amherst Town Supervisor Brian Kulpa calls Saturday’s incident disturbing.

“We basically told them after this last round at the board meeting when we issued this license we had a lot of conditions upon that license. We have bars that don’t have these problems, this is really unfortunate. If they can’t get control of their business maybe they need to cease operations for a little while,” said Kulpa.