NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) — Democrat incumbent Robert Restaino declared victory in the race for City of Niagara Falls mayor, appearing to defeat challengers Carlton Cain (R) and Demetrius Nix (I).

With all districts reporting, Restaino finished with 48.4% of the vote to Cain’s 45.6% and Nix’s 3.9%.

“It’s unofficial, but we’re going back to work next year,” Restaino said Tuesday night. “What we started four years ago during the pandemic, we’re going to continue that progress. We have much more work to do. So, I can tell you, I’m excited to get back there. I cant wait to move forward with the agenda we have started.”

Restaino campaigned heavily on his efforts to bring financial stability and accountability to Niagara Falls during his first term in office and referenced continuing that progress on his campaign website as he sought a second term.

“I think that what we’ve become is a more responsible government, one that is also responsive to needs in the community, we’re making good on promises to the parks, improving public safety investment, we’ve delivered,” Restaino told News 4 prior to Election Day.

Cain, the former Niagara Falls deputy chief of police from 2013-2019, leaned prominently on his law enforcement background during his campaign, saying he was well-equipped to fix crime rates in the city.

The victory for Restaino marks the sixth consecutive term where Niagara Falls will have a Democratic mayor, with Irene Elia being the last Republican to hold the office in 2003.

In the 2019 mayoral election, Restaino defeated Republican Glenn Choolokian by a 50.3% to 24.9% margin.

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