Two North Buffalo residents are using an interesting tactic in warning neighbors about an alleged package thief in the area.

Buffalo police say it’s still a big problem: people looking to steal delivered packages off of front porches.

“Unfortunately we have seen an increase in package thefts off porches, not only in Buffalo, but all across Western New York,” said Captain Jeff Rinaldo.

Now, after two people were allegedly victimized, they’ve attached posters to several structures up and down Colvin Ave. warning people that a thief is out there. It also has a warning for the alleged thief.

“Package thief!!! We’re watching you,” the poster reads.

It includes four still photographs of the man the residents claim stole their package.

Rinaldo said there is a city ordinance banning people from posting anything on public city or utility poles. He said public works officials have asked the designers to take the posters off of those.

“At the end of the day, what you have as a picture might just be a very small piece of the totality of the story,” Rinaldo said. “We’ve seen where this could have been a situation where a neighbor’s kid was going to pick the package up because he knew his neighbor was out of town. That’s why we say to residents never take these matters into your own hands. Call the police and let us figure it out.”