Prosecutors in Washington D.C. want woman accused of trying to poison Pres. Trump held in U.S.


(WIVB) – Federal prosecutors in Washington, D.C. are asking that a Canadian woman accused of trying to poison Pres. Donald Trump be kept in custody in the U.S.

A memorandum filed Friday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia argues that Pascale Cecile Veronique Ferrier is a flight risk and could endanger the community if let go.

“This is a defendant with access to firearms, false identification documents,
dangerous chemicals, and a foreign country passport, who has threatened and attempted grave acts
of violence against government officials in the United States,” the memorandum states. “The nature and seriousness of the danger that she would pose if released cannot be overstated. There are no conditions or combinations of conditions that would ensure the safety of the community and the defendant’s appearance as required.”

The memorandum adds that Ferrier is a citizen of “two foreign countries”, and it appears that she has “few if any family or community ties in the United States, and none in this jurisdiction”.

Federal officials say Pascale Ferrier had close to 300 rounds of ammunition when they arrested her at the Peace Bridge in September.

She has been charged with threatening to kill and injure the president of the United States.

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